Manhole Covers and Frames

Precast Manhole Covers and Frames

Precast Manhole Covers Bangalore, Precast Manhole Frames Manufacturers In India :

Manhole covers and frames find its use in varied applications such as in traffic areas, parks, pedestrian areas, local water systems, subways, telecommunications firms and in other industries. We manufacture high quality manhole covers and frames in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs and comes with different load capacities. These manhole covers and frames are offered in different shapes- Round, Square and Rectangle and in different mass- heavy duty, medium duty and light duty. The products are tested as per the manufacturing standards and guidelines which can be used in a variety of applications.

Features :

We offer different types of manhole covers for different applications and it includes the ductile iron manhole covers, recessed manhole covers, and solid top manhole covers.

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