Style Earth Precast is one of the highly regarded manufacturers and suppliers of top-notch quality Drainage Systems in Chennai. The pattern made by rivers, streams and lakes in a drainage basin is known as a drainage system. They are determined by the terrain’s elevation, whether an area is dominated by hard or soft stones and the elevation of the ground. Drainage systems are installed to eliminate surplus water from the building. It might include rivers and streams, precipitation, and many types of drainage. Sewer systems are also in place to adequately remove sewage.

Our Drainage System includes Box Type Drainage Systems / Drains, U-type Drain, Drainage Chamber. Our products are designed to recognize our clientele’s needs and offer products that meet those needs at a fair cost. We also possess cutting-edge underpinnings to manage any bulk order requirement for constant and flawless operations.

While casting the Drainage System, Style Earth Precast strictly adheres to standards and industrial quality norms, as well as looks to the advice of an expert delegation.

Drainage System

Box Type Drains System

Styleearth manufacture and supply box type drain systems to treat underground water. The box type drainage system we offer is effective for different problems in the commercial and residential areas. The box can be constructed with any size specific to customer requirements.

U Type Drains

U type drain is effective when it comes to implementing drainage systems. Styleearth has the reputation as the leading manufacturer of U type drains in India. This precast product is easy to place and maintain and it eliminates the need for traditional grates, thus reducing the maintenance.